We accept all firearm transfers excluding any NFA items. Please contact us via email for our FFL information and with any other questions. 


Firearm transfers are by appointment only.  If you have received tracking information from the seller or the company that you've purchased the firearm from, please be patient. Tracking info does not mean you can show up unannounced.  Sometimes firearm delivery windows are missed and take more time to receive.  Once the firearm is received, ALL GEARED UP! will contact you and schedule an appointment in a timely manner.  The 4473 form is done on site and at the time of transfer and we will NOT accept any pre filled forms.  Firearm will only be transferred to the person that is on the paperwork that comes with the firearm.

Items needed for firearm transfers are:

-Valid State Photo ID (driver license)

-Valid NC CHP

-Valid NC Handgun Purchase Permit


(Background checks will be needed on all transfers unless you are exempt)


Regular- $25.00 transfer fee plus $5 for each additional same day item transfers

Military -$20.00 total up to 3 same day items then $5 for each additional items 

NICS- $5 (waived for any military or first responders)